Hypothalamus Hunt


Hypothalamus Hunt is a mobile AR application developer for the University of St. Andrews. The application teaches about the HPA axis in the brain through the use of mini-games that can be played by travelling to different locations in the real world. Each mini game focuses on a sub-section of the HPA axis and helps the player to understand how each component comes together to make the system as a whole.

Challanges Encountered

Having only briefly worked with PHP with MySQL before. This was my first professional project working with this. There was a learning curve to make the system work effectivly and as the client required.

My Contribution

I developed the backend system that allowed the client to generate different for events maps & high score platform. Alongside aspects of the gameplay programming.

What has been learnt

I learnt a lot about working with clients and delivering a professional project. Alongside broadening my knowledge of technology and languages I can work with.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Git