Driving Vision


Driving Vision is a VR tool build for city planners and architects providing a streamlined workflow for loading and viewing large scale models from there expected tools.

Challanges Encountered

Developing a application that could both quickly and lossely render and load city scale scenes with thousands of texture, materials and individual models was a huge undertaking. With our end solution being heavy multithreaded and using a proprietary saving method for models to allow fast conversion and loading

My Contribution

I lead a 3 people engineer team and focused on tools developing both the Revit and Sketchup tool alongside contributing heavily to the core application

What has been learnt

I learnt a lot about how to heavily optimize and multithread. I also learnt a lot more about different model file times with there pro & cons they have.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • C#
  • OBJ
  • Collada
  • Ruby
  • Revit - Plugins Development
  • Sketchup - Plugin Development