Procedural Generation

The Source code can be found on GitHub


Developed with DirectX 11 with ImGui and mini ini. With procedural techniques including Diamond Square, Fractional Brownian motion (Fbm), Particle displacement, Simplex Noise, Fault line displacement and Turtle graphics L-System. Alongside post proccessing effects including Blurs and Chromatic Aberration.

Challanges Encountered

Challanges were encounted while trying to implment the turtle graphics system for the L-Systems. With the grammer for the L-system being complete how best to display this both effective and efficiently so they could be effect during run time. With the end result being the use of a dynamic texture which is change based on the L-system.

My Contribution

I was the sole developer on this project and was build during my time at Abertay University on the module procedural methods.

What has been learnt

A lot of was learnt on procedural techniques for terrain but alongside how it could be applied across to other uses.

Products Used

  • C++
  • DirectX 11
  • Imgui
  • Mini ini