Pocket Sized Guns


Pocket Sized Guns is virtual reality mini-game experience originally developed in 40 hours at the Moray Game Jam in Elgin this year. It is a fast-paced Arcade Shooter with a 9 different mini Games. Shoot targets as fast as a you can to get the high score, fight Skeletons in the dungeons and make ever last bullet count. It has later been ported and demos in PSVR at Playstaion dev days and Oculus rift for various events

Challanges Encountered

When porting the game the PSVR I ran into serveral challanges having to make the game to run on a console while also combating the differencing in tracking with the PSVR. This resulting in any optimizations and reading the Playstation SDK and documetation to help get the same experince across the platforms.

My Contribution

I worked alongside a fellow programmer. Where I developed the mini game systems wich allowed us to easy add new minigames and choicing which will be displaced to the user. Alongside one of the original games and our scoring and ranking systems.

What has been learnt

A lot has been learnt in terms of developing with multiple playforms in mind. Although at the time of development we were unaware if we would have the opertunity to make these ports the codebase and design was build around this. Which when the time came to port there was very little design and code issue to address.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • Git
  • HTC Vive
  • PSVR
  • Oculus Rift
  • Visual Studio