Honeypot Espionage


Honeypot Espionage is a VR multiplayer shooter. Up against other Spy’s in a combat arena the last man alive wins. Invisible to other players but movement, gunfire & setting traps make you more visible & more likely to be shot. Think Predator meets SuperHot. The slower you move in real life the harder you are to see. Set decoys & trick other players to reveal their location to try & come out on top. Currently still in Devlopment with a schedule Q1 2018 release date.

Challanges Encountered

A lot of problems at the start of development came from the difficulties in testing out mutliplayers aspects of the game with the additonal constraints of VR ontop of this makes testing more compicated and proper testing plans are needed. There was also a lot of challanges with performance with our aim to be able to reach the lowest requirements of the VR headets performance always had to be in mind when developing each aspect of the game.

My Contribution

I work alongside a multidisciplinary team of 2 fellow programmers and 3 artists. I worked as the technical lead focusing backend of the game alongside picking up other tasks where needed; developing the dedicated servers, networking, player experience, database and gameplay. Alongside programming I work a lot of other aspects of the project. Handling the majority of the social media and marketing, press outreach, production and finance.

What has been learnt

Developing a multiplayer game is not easy but has been massively rewarding. A lot has also be learned for pitching, press outreach and social media being able to talk and get others to talk about the project has been a great skill to learn. Alongside trying and gain further funding which has been massively beneficial for the project and helps motivate the team. I have also learnt a lot about how to manage a team.