GameDay Live


Gameday Live is a new, realistic football management simulation game for mobile devices. Combining the real life stats of thousands of players and give you the opportunity to show the world how managing a football team should be done. With real life football scouts providingus the most up to date player data. Think Clash Royal meets Football Manager

Challanges Encountered

When first joining the team I had to pick up a lot of new tools. Having never worked on multiplayer game previously or within a test driven environment.

My Contribution

As a Intern Programmer originally as part of a summer internship which was extended to continue working on the game. I help develop the match simulation engine adding features and fixing bugs within it. Additionally, I maintain and develop custom made QA and design tool set which greatly improved the work flow for our QA team.

What has been learnt

So much was learnt from working within a studio enivorment. Alongside picking up skill working with jira, JUnit, Java Docs, MySQL, Mantis and others. While learning on the job.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • Java
  • JUnit
  • MySQL
  • Mantis
  • Jira
  • JavaDocs
  • Git
  • SVN