Additive Spectrum

The Source code can be found on GitHub


Additive Spectrum is a room scale VR games. Each of the three coloured towers feed their colour into the central prism. If the colour of the prism goes too dark or the colour becomes unbalanced it’s game over! Enemies will try to destroy your walls, reducing how much colour the towers feed to the central prism. It is your job to protect and repair these walls to keep the prism balanced and bright. Made as part of the Rainbow Jam 2016 to support diversity in games.

Challanges Encountered

With the aim on trying to make best use of the room scale aspects of VR. We wanted to scale the environment based on the size of the room size set up in VR and to do this procedurally. This was one of the biggest challange of the project. This isn't something that had been done much before and resulted in a lot of searching around within the steam VR api. With the final effect working as perfectly to scale the size of the room.

My Contribution

I alongside a fellow programemr. I worked on the VR aspects of the game; room scaling, enemies, wall building

What has been learnt

As my first Vive project A lot of time was spent learning the Steam VR plugin and how best develop a game that was able to scale to any room size.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • Git
  • HTC Vive