Hidden Danger


INTERPOL enables police in 190 countries to work together to fight international crime. They provide a range of policing expertise that helps combat Counter-terrorism, Cybercrime and Organised Crime. Our team competed in INTERPOL’s Serious GameJam and Built an Augmented Reality and Virtually Reality application that tasked itself with teaching and educating about Intellectual Property Theft. The application was aimed to support and supplement INTERPOLS online courses.

The application in itself is a spin on a Hidden object game which aims to show officers the risks different IP crime can have.

Challanges Encountered

Having a very short time scale, 24 hours, scope was a very large challange. Developing a application that would be working and polished within the time frame came from careful planning. With the application also being for both moblie VR and moblie AR with the aim to get it to run on as many devices as possible there was challanges to make sure we made best use of performance.

My Contribution

I worked alongside a multi-displine team of 3 programmers including myself and 2 artists. I mainly focused on the implmentation of the VR and AR support across devices and the hidden object inventory system which make it easy to create object and them then to automaticly be added to the 'to find' list with details on them.

What has been Learnt

This was my first AR and VR single application where I had to design the application to work in both settings without any major changes. With the final implmentation just being a tick box before building and something can could in future be built into the application. This is something that in the future will come in handy when trying to reach as many device as possible while still giving the option of a more immersive VR experience.

Products Used

  • Unity - C#
  • Google Cardboard
  • Moblie
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality